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Pay Per Click Advertising

Paid advertising is a method in which marketers pay for an ad, rather than it be organically generated by the business. Pay Per Click (PPC)  is the most popular type of paid advertising. PPC is an advert that requires advertisers to pay a fee every time their ad is clicked by a user.

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Here at Estuary Digital, we are experts in paid advertising. We focus on strategy with our client’s PPC campaigns so that we get the most out of their investment, with a return every time.

We like to use fool-proof methods such as choosing the best keywords for your business, industry and goals, then monitor their success throughout the campaign. By monitoring them, we are able to adapt our strategy so that the best possible outcome is made- high conversions. Our experience and track record means you can trust us to only invest in keywords that we believe will generate results.

As well as strategic keywords, the ads we create utilise the keywords in the best possible way. We always create efficient content that will convince searchers to click. Our entire team are experts, therefore everyone knows what it takes to produce a great PPC campaign. Everyone’s main goal here at Estuary is to create top quality content for businesses looking to grow, this is what sets us apart from other agencies- a true desire for you to succeed.

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We worry about the technicalities, setup, and running of your campaigns. You simply outline what your business does, who your ideal customer is, and what goals we need to hit.

Benefits of PPC


Quicker results than Search Engine Optimisation
Analytics pinpoint what went well, what did not, how to improve for future
Compliments other marketing methods
Higher probability of results due to targeted nature
Helpful audience behavioural data to use
Suited to achieve any business goal

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Estuary Digital is a Marketing Agency specialising in Paid Search, with offices in Southend-On-Sea, Essex. We have a combined experience of over 17 years, providing expert marketing services to a range of clients with individual specifications!